All Things Baby: My story

All Things Baby: My story

Hi there, I’m Daniela;  I’m a Mum of one and I must admit my journey as a Mother has been totally different to how I could ever imagine. Giving birth at 27 weeks was far from the “normal” fairytale story, endless hospital visits, not being able to touch or hold my Son until a few days old, all the machinery, tubes, tests, X-rays, blood transfusions etc was a very overwhelming and daunting experience. Luckily my little soldier is a fighter and has made me the proudest Mummy in the world. Yet here we are 6 years later, I have decided to open my own online baby shop inspired by my journey as a Mum and to provide other Mummies out there products that I feel are useful, good quality and fairly priced. Also I wanted to reach out to other Mums who have had similar experiences to me and say there is light at the end of the tunnel and you are certainly not alone!  

There are plenty of products on my store to help you get through the first part of the journey of motherhood. Enjoy browsing and feel free to add any comments. 


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