Newborn Bibs

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Must have essential for any Newborn Bibs. Different coloured patterns available all perfect for feeding time or when those teeth are about to cut! Made from 100% cotton.

Newborn Bibs are a type of bib specifically designed to fit Newborn Bibs. These bibs are typically smaller in size and made from soft, absorbent materials to help protect a newborn's delicate skin from spills and dribbles.

Newborn Bibs come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are simple cloth bibs with a snap or Velcro closure, while others may feature fun designs or slogans. Many newborn baby are also made with adjustable closures to ensure a snug fit as your baby grows.

When selecting Newborn Bibs, it's important to choose bibs made from soft, absorbent materials, such as cotton or terrycloth. You may also want to consider purchasing bibs with a waterproof backing to provide additional protection against leaks and spills.

Overall, Newborn Bibs are a practical and necessary item for any new parent to have on hand, as they can help to minimize messes and keep your baby clean and comfortable during feedings.

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