Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit

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A gorgeous hand drawn baby "HEDGEHOG" kit for little feet.
Record your little one’s tiny feet with this Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit! This beautiful hedgehog print is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, baby showers or Christenings.
This is printed from original artist's drawing, and look stunning on the wall of a nursery or any room at home. Every parent will love to see their little one's feet recorded forever on these stunning drawings. Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit

A Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit is a keepsake item that allows you to create a unique impression of your baby's footprints in a clay-like substance. The kit typically includes a soft and pliable clay material that is safe for your baby's skin and can be molded to capture the shape of your baby's feet.

Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit, you simply press your baby's feet into the clay material, which leaves an imprint of their footprints. The kit may also include a small hedgehog figurine or other decorations that can be pressed into the clay alongside the footprints to create a personalized design.

Once the clay has dried, it can be painted and framed or displayed in a shadow box as a cherished keepsake. The kit may also include instructions on how to preserve the clay to ensure that the Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit remain intact for years to come.

Overall, a Personalised Baby Hedgehog Footprint Kit is a unique and sentimental way to capture your baby's tiny footprints and create a lasting memory of their early years.

The kit includes:
2 drawings of selected size (A3)
1 wooden frame (white)
Baby-safe inkpad
Size:-40 x 53

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