Sleeper Gown

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Baby sleeping gown suitable for small preemie  and full term babies.

100% soft cotton designed for practicality and comfort. Perfect for babies in the hospital NICU, PICU or at home. Accommodates IV tubing, G-tube /feeding tube, Monitoring leads/wires/ tubes, etc or can be worn by any baby

A Sleeper Gown is a type of clothing for infants that combines a Sleeper Gown and a gown. It is essentially a long, loose-fitting gown with an elastic bottom that can be pulled up to create a snug fit around the baby's legs. The Sleeper Gown typically has long sleeves and may feature snaps or buttons down the front for easy dressing and changing.

Sleeper Gown are popular among parents of newborns because they are easy to use and can make diaper changes less of a hassle. They are also comfortable for babies, as they allow for easy movement and don't restrict their legs. Additionally, the elastic bottom of a Sleeper Gown can help keep a baby's feet covered and warm.

Overall, Sleeper Gown can be a convenient and comfortable option for parents looking for practical and easy-to-use clothing for their infants.

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